While continuing to explore the what-if scenarios and what would any number of sci fi genre's look like if today was the tip of the iceberg for them. Continuing with that each space faring theme is bound to come from a terrestrial planet with atmosphere, and may explore new worlds with similar atmospheres the same way.

Different space faring scifi genre's all have their own different flavors, design styles, and mannerisms. What we've tried to capture here is in the idea that the aircraft is the same, from a common aircraft manufacturer and each genre instance it is used by will paint it the way that is typicall for that style.

A liberal amount of imagination is both required, and appreciated. The charter by which these special paints were created was ultimate open door to creative license. Chris Vollherbst has done some extremely special and very imaginative designs that if you are a fan of this genre, you may really click well with these designs. I know that each person usually clicks better with some custom designs than others, so the creative-light was on to make plenty of variations for each possible fan to enjoy.

The initial set of 10 ST skins serves most of the Shuttle class designs, that span a time range and different series within the genre.

Follow on designs may include paints that are based on some of the ST style uniforms, for color, design, and layout.

As a Velocity XL pilot, catapault your self, your imagination, and your experience forward into a virtual tomorrow where at a minimum.. you could very easily paint your Velocity XL similarly, or into a day of tomorrow where humans are so close, right on the edge of some of these grand and beautiful technologies that will bridge the gap between atmo and space travel for the people.


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