"Having spent some time with the G2 simulator provided to me, I can attest to the fact that the acceleration, pitch and roll rates of the simulator very closely resemble that of the real aircraft. Although I have no straight G2 experience, I do have approximately 1,000 hours of G2B/G3 time. The aircraft is not overly sensitive (like a fighter) nor a slow-to-respond pig like some airlines. It goes pretty much where you point it.
I was interested in what happened with the power pulled back to idle and sure enough, it comes down quite smartly without accelerating, just like the real airplane.
All simulators have some hiccups (including the $24M+ models we train in), but for an armchair pilot, this will give him a very close approximation to how the Gulfstream performs. Nice job."

-T. Slater

"Well Jason, thanks to you and your wonderful Gulfstream II, I was able to complete a life-long dream of mine, all-be-it virtually, of flying around the world. I started in my home town of Portland, Oregon (KPDX) the first week of August and flew north to Edmonton (CYEG). Then I flew east to Toronto (CYYZ), northeast to the southern tip of Greenland (BGSF), east to Iceland (BIKF), and east again to the coast of Norway (ENZV). I then flew south to Spain (LEMD). Then I flew east stopping in Italy (LIRF), Turkey (LTAC), Turkmenistan (UTAA), Kazakhstan (UAAA), Mongolia (ZMUB), Beijing, China (ZBAA) and Tokyo, Japan. I then flew north to Russia (UHPP) and headed northeast to Alaska stopping in Fairbanks (PFAI). Then I flew south to Seattle (KSEA) and last night I arrived home in Portland. The Gulfstream flew flawlessly, no problems whatsoever, what a magnificent plane!! Total mileage was 18,752. Total time in the air was 45.2 hours. And with the price of gas now we don't want to talk about the fuel I used. Thank you very much for creating the Gulfstream and helping me to fulfill my dream."

-Ed Snyder
1977 Grumman American Gulfstream II 1159 :: 10X

The venerable Gulfstream II has set the stage for every Gulfstream jet made since.The first G-II to fly was not a prototype, but a full production standard aircraft. The G-II has been used for Shuttle pilot training and is one of the most solid and graceful aircraft to fly. Crafted in all object form, multiple parts, multiple high resolution textures, detaile landing gear linkages, detailed engine nacelles and countless 3d animations.

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