We have had several Bell test pilots and military pilots say that my simulator is more accurate than the one that Bell has in Texas. I now have about 3 hours flying a real Bell 206 and after one flight, I was able to get
to my simulator and fly it in less than an hour after being in the real one, it is about as perfect a match as I can imagine. Yesterday we demoed it to a defense contractor in PA and they brought in two Army pilots to do the evaluation, they agreed that it was more accurate than anything they have used before and much better than the simulators that the Army now has at the base they are assigned to. Both pilots have about 1500 to 2000 hours each and are now flying Apache's, but started in the OH58 (Bell 206)

- S. Nelson
Simulators On Site

February 25, 2010
Subject:  Simulators On Site
To Whom It May Concern:
I am a former military helicopter pilot with combat flying experience and instructor pilot rating, and I am also fixed-wing rated for 25 years.  I have flown several different aircraft types as well as their simulators, and I can say with conviction, that this simulator, developed and configured by Steve Nelson, currently as a Bell 206 JetRanger, beats current generation simulators in service.

Not only does it exceed the standard, but also, it raises the bar in reliability, serviceability and proficiency training.  Battle-focused training, inclement weather flying as well as training to match your region of the world, including night-vision scenarios, take this top-notch training instrument to new heights.  If that is not enough, try linking-up for real-time joint operations flight training and tactics.

Steve Nelson is a pilot and flight instructor who also happens to be an engineer; he designed this remarkable machine from the pilot’s standpoint—achieving the exact flight characteristics of the JetRanger and the precise control feel of the actual aircraft.  Combining spectacular wrap-around graphics with exacting control feel, all methods of proper flying habits, including scanning and picking-up visual cues, can be properly applied to gain useful training crossover from the actual aircraft.  The comparison of flying this simulator to flying the real aircraft are seamless.  Most importantly, this simulator can be hovered; this is not easily accomplished, if at all, in current generation simulators in service. 

In short, the training value is immense and relevant.  Duplicating the precise handling characteristics allow pilots to gain the experience of the actual aircraft while sharply reducing cost, mitigating risk, increasing training efficiency with more iterations, and also honing proficiency especially for emergency procedures or mission scenarios.  Steve Nelson has hit a home run with this design.  It can be readily brought to you and instantly build proficiency in your pilot ranks.  This simulator is a serious tool with which he has applied true ingenuity—from a pilot who understands what a pilot really needs in order to effectively, and thereby safely, fly his or her aircraft. 
- Louis A. Park

March, 2012

I know this is the wrong place to send this, but I just wanted to say that the BX 206 is fantastic.  I fly an OH 58 at work and this is the best 206 flight model I have seen.  Thanks for the great work!
Dave Ruth
BX 206 : Designed to meet or exceed AATD (Advanced Aviation Training Device) standards in S. Nelson "Simulators On Site" 270 degree view, custom built simulator enclosure. This model debut at HAI, Helicopter Expo Orlando 2007. All instruments explicitly legible, flight model and systems are accurate, authentic and factual. Flight model performance tuned, tested, and verified from sea level up to 14,000.

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