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PostPosted: 20 Aug 2009 14:12

I'd like to think that the main photog here took inspiration in any small amount from FLYGIRL, as he has both airplane+girl and a toohot style devil girl in there on about page 5. I'll go ahead and give this section of that site a PG13 as it is foreign based and the images are a fair bit racier than FG standards. It's based at "" wich is an style of aircraft photos website.


Anyway, you've been warned, some of the pictures in there could get you in trouble if they're up on your screen too long. But I was glad to see another example, albeit a different rating and flavor, of "Flygirl" like activity.

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PostPosted: 25 Aug 2009 08:44
by Vegas_Firanelli
I like some of the photos there, too. Some are a bit over the top like you said, Jason. Definitely would not want to be "caught" with them on my screen if I was at work, or by my wife if I was a dude...LOL...But they are entertaining enough to go and take a look. :)