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Well, found another plane+girls site today, a little by accident. It has an initial front end similarity to FG of old, similar charter, but I skimmed the girls page, and I would mark it down as an epic fail on execution. There's a butt for every seat so to speak, but rare few to none of these pics land on the 'pin-up' mark, unless one has a fetish for string bikini's... well, I won't be any ruder. © date is 2006, which was a time when FG old site was still up.

The "We're just plain girls, but...We Fly!" section is actually nicer, and less offensive. There are some of evidently real pilot women in there, including one Piper Pawnee Ag pilot. You be the judge.

Well.. it was a finding. overall rating is only [PG], someone will like it, 6/10 may find it offensive, while not really pushing the rating. Sadly this is what happens when some men operate such a photo shoot/project. Interestingly, on the 'about us' page, appears to be led by 2 women, with 1 male photog.. but I do say, that the site has a wholly different feel than the charter. I've seen more taste exhibited at strip-club marquee's.

About Us

We're girls who fly; a new generation of women in aviation. Young, smart, professional, bold and successful, we take the world on our terms, and take second place to no one. We're models, students, lawyers, pilots, mechanics, dancers, doctors, moms, actors, and more. We are who we are, and we're proud of it. is dedicated to the advancement of women in aviation, so this site and business is a tribute to the women who first dared to fly, and to those who still dream of flying. The sky is free, but flying is not, so we actively support flight training for women with our dollars, time, advocacy and relentless encouragement.

We’re more than just cute girls, we’re real women and we really fly. We bring you exciting photographs of classy, glamorous Plane-Girls and classic, sexy aircraft: Warbirds, GA, Experimental, Helicopters. . . You name it. If it flies, we love it! We spend time in and around the aircraft we love, and fly them as much as we can.

Our Mission:

To fly and to encourage women to fly and participate in aviation to the greatest extent possible. To present a dynamic and attractive image of accomplishment, confidence, and perseverance, with a little glamour and a lot of class. To honor the contributions of women in aviation, and to persuade women of all ages and means that they too can have a place in the sky. To take risks and live life to the fullest.

To dare to fly.

Versus non-pilot model call

Plane-Girl Models Call

Models wanted for You don’t need to be a pilot, you just have to love aviation! After working with us for a while, you’ll want to start flying, sooner or later. Need women with adventurous attitude, electric smile, and dangerous eyes. Ages 18 and up, any height, but fit and more or less proportional. Need two photos minimum: head shot and full body (NO NUDES, please). Include a short resume, your age, height, weight, and dress size. E-mail to =====.

FG-Producer says : "Models" never have a love for aviation, nor adopt wanting to fly as a function of being photographed, in this case quite on display, on aircraft. They all want to be part of pin-up, they all are looking for their own portfolio content additions, but .. the suggested foundation of is misguided, and misleading. Interestingly, it is women ... exploiting their own, in lewder ways than some other mens operated plane+girls photo sites.
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