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PostPosted: 03 Apr 2010 15:09
by AADX ... craft.html ... tures.html

Too many pictures to pick just one, for either of these two links. Surprisingly compared to the other entry just posted. These that are intentionally glamour only pictures, or just costume shots, are dramatically more modest and tasteful than the plane-girls site. These two came up in the google search, and it does take scrolling down to get to the pictures. The Flight Attendant one has a very nice section at the bottom with profile of a, and notable names who have been.

PG rating is valid, while some of the costumes are a little racy. Nothing there will get anyone in trouble.

FG-Producer says : thumbs up. :)

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PostPosted: 04 Apr 2010 07:12
by capnsully
Thanks! Very nice, love the stories as well as the pics. Braniff airways 'air strip', love that one! Am posting a new video as a reward for your very, very extensive research!