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Pan-Am [TV]

PostPosted: 25 Sep 2011 13:30

Well, it's happened. FLYGIRL, has become a TV show. ;)

Anyone here familiar with the hundreds of FLYGIRL pictures here themed to just about just this, the Glamor of Aviation, Aviation Lifestyle, will likely appreciate this new TV series on ABC network ( I post this here today as the tv show series debuts tonight and I believe it's said that full episodes can be watched online also. If you like FLYGIRL, you should like the show. And conversely if you like the show and haven't gotten into the FLYGIRL pictures, you'll probably like them.

I feel fairly vindicated for having chartered and produced FLYGIRL even in the face of a number of creeps in the x-plane community that were destructively rude and harsh about the mix of women & airplanes, how dare they be crossed... how inappropriate... don't mix sexuality with flying.. LOL. well, there it is. Clear as day. On television, a depiction of the 60's, the glamour of aviation, both of stewardesses and pilots and the wonder of taking to the skies.

I will most likely watch this. In addition to Burn Notice among other things. I think that anyone that professes to have a love for flying and enjoyment of aviation, this show is for you. It's probably a wide ranging show that will cover men and women, pilots and the flight attendants, it will be a little soap opera'ish, but from the little bits i've seen, it looks like CGI depictions of the airports/airliners/etc which should be neat to see, and for that longing heart to imagine what that life would be like. I'm glad they've made this show. even if it should be called FLYGIRL. I guess it is, so I won't be a stinker. P.S. there is a PSA livery on the x470MD


Re: Pan-Am [TV]

PostPosted: 22 Jan 2012 17:32
by Nathos
Don't know if is to late to post, but i LOVE this tv show!