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Re: GoFlight control units

PostPosted: 04 Feb 2015 05:49
by GlowWorm
Aloha David,

GTX 980 blows away any competition. Nice gift! Was looking at the 970, but that has a weird design that it slows down if more than 3.5GB is accessed of the 4 GB. I'm not so sure I want that. I know both 980 and 970 can drive 4 monitors in 1 go, and knowing the texture RAM needs are growing more and more... Just not sure at this moment. I need to research how it works with the VRAM use. Is 1 texture used for all 3 monitors, or is each monitor multiplied by the texture size when it comes to VRAM use.

I'm thinking of the current development of the HD mesh by AlpilotX. Those files are super big.

Didn't Aerosoft have UK airports? I got their Amsterdam and Hamburg to name 2.

You say Cmd 1 - you on Mac?

I visited the FSWeekend event in Nov last year, sim hardware is getting bigger and bigger. Affordable too. Things start to look very realistic, and the bar has been set very high. In a few weeks in Mar I'll check out the FS Konferenz in Paderborn. Aerosoft is hosting.

Some time ago I got my hands on European airports binders issued by LIDO (Lufthansa daughter). The plates and info work fine for my use in the sim. Occassionally after visiting airforce open days I acquire some docs and charts from them. Just for the collection.

Yes the 9 series cards are good. I was given a 980GTX for Christmas and it's very very good. Had the 680 before but this gives a beautiful rendering of the Uk photo scenery pack. I wish there were more airports. I have three in Uk ,Southampton and Bournmouth plus Heathrow,all rest are stock ......
The Cmnd 1 2 etc to save views worked on an Eclipse fine but cannot get it to catch on the Mustang though.
I also use Simplates on my iPad for approach plates which works well.
I flew the Mustang in MSFX for a couple of years and it worked well.

Re: GoFlight control units

PostPosted: 09 Feb 2015 07:43
by GlowWorm
Aloha David,

Thanks for the GTX980 suggestion. Got one now, and I'm using it to drive 3 screens in 1 go and it works great! (Now I realise the CPU is an obvious bottleneck. :) )

As for the view settings for the HUD view in 2D/3D cockpit mode. One needs to modify this in PlaneMaker.
1. Create backup copy of plane
2. Load plane in PlaneMaker
3. Go to Menu: /Standard/ViewPoint, select Tab: View and validate the check boxes in the lower half of the screen "Aircraft and Panel Visibility". It's quite self-explanatory.
4. Either Save or Save As
5. Close PlaneMaker

Have fun!

Will look like this:

Re: GoFlight control units

PostPosted: 05 Jul 2016 03:39
I have recently moved to X Plane and been trying the Mustang in this format. However I have a few issues in that in on livery the image is split between the 3 screens and broken up plus the MCP Pro does not work properly , for instance if I command a flight level change of 600 ft pm and a rise to 10000 ft say the flight level yo yo;s up ad down and is not controlled. I am still using `Sandy Barbour's' plugin ( which works perfectly on the Eclipse 550 small jet.) It seems that the Mustnag is uncoordinated for me and I cannot work out why.
Any suggestions welcome.


Re: GoFlight control units

PostPosted: 05 Jul 2016 03:55
by GlowWorm
Aloha Skywarrior,

I have the same MCP Pro. I don't expect the MCP to be a factor. It's basically a very nice looking input device for the VS and Alt. You can validate this, by flying with the MCP disconnected or with disabled plugin (Barbour's).

As for the oscillations when flying on AP. One can adjust the AP responses - the settings would tell when and how the AP should apply corrections. Right now it looks like what I've seen here with some planes under certain conditions that the AP can't keep up. In other words, things are happening too fast. I don't have real plane experience, so I don't know for a given plane how the AP would respond in real life. I noticed that when flying at higher speeds, the same control deflection results in a multiplied change. This could be the reason why the AP can't keep up. Try flying at slower speed, let's say as a test fly with stall speed + 50 or so and try the same climb.

Lastly, I don't know whether Jason's planes use custom AP settings. If this is not the case, it'll be all controlled by XP. FYI: when I fly something like a Gulfstream, I get similar oscillations. I ease on the power and the AP likes it a lot more.

I'm unable to picture what's going on with the livery. Can you show a pic?

Re: GoFlight control units

PostPosted: 05 Jul 2016 09:55
Yes it's important to mind your speed. X-Plane autopilot system automatically pitches up to abate exceeding Vmo. so it will appear to be doing something errant but it is just doing what it normally does. if going too fast the aircraft will automatically pitch up until speed comes back down, then it will allow the nose to lower and the process repeats until the pilot fixes the condition of trying to go too fast

Vmo for the Mustang in particular is 250 indicated. at about 245-248 is when it will pitch up automatically by x-plane ap control. keep your speed under control.