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How to receive instant update notices...

PostPosted: 20 Mar 2009 16:23
How to receive instant and automatic update notices.

For Aircraft you've purchased that you want to be notified when it's updated.
This forum software provides for that with instant automatic notification when the aircraft download topic is updated.

Go into the Aircraft Download, example

- Download Section
-- Aircraft Forum
--- Aircraft Topic

The Download Topic has 2 entries. #1 is the Main Image, #2 is the Download Button & Information.

At the bottom of the topic view, click the "SUBSCRIBE TOPIC" and that's it.
Then when I post a new download version, the topic is updated and the board software notifies you automatically.

Picture 14.png

Picture 15.png

In the Update Notice email you get, there's a link right back to the Download page for it.. and voila.. instant notification, instant access directly to the updated download.

It can't be faster, more direct or easier.