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Re: Learjet 25C Revolution

PostPosted: 04 Apr 2009 15:25
by gb79606

Would love to see the Learjet 25C make a come back. Just looking at, you know it will fly beautifully.

Pat Voce
Abilene, TX

Re: Learjet 25C Revolution

PostPosted: 17 Apr 2009 07:16
by metaph3r
As an owner of the 25C 8x version I really would like to see a 9x version.

Re: Learjet 25C Revolution

PostPosted: 08 May 2009 17:44
by malchaeus
Well, someone has to take the 3D side... Might as well be me :)
X-plane's spent most of its time in 2D-acf land. And for a long time, it was perfectly adequate. But with all the recent advancements in X-plane's capabilities and computing power, it seems a shame to have a plane "fall short", especially an all-time classic like this. Even if it does come cheaper.
My favorite planes are by far the one's with the most realism, in both flight model and appearance. I might try out a free acf-based, no-3D-pit plane from the "org" but, it probably wouldn't remain in my hanger long, and I don't think I'd put money into one at this point in X-planedom. I would, however, be willing to pay the extra for all the bells and whistles. Just my opinion.
Just got the Cirrus lineup. Amazing work.

Re: Learjet 25C Revolution

PostPosted: 16 Sep 2009 19:59
by hawkeye
The 25 is good . I am ok with 2d panel and interior panels especially if they are photo realistic shots and properly zoomed for the view. Better fps.

Re: Learjet 25C Revolution

PostPosted: 07 Oct 2009 14:27

Thank you for all feedback. :geek:

LEARJET 25C for 9X is ready.

It "IS" all ACF bodied, with light, shadow, shine and occlusion render baked textures. More liveries may be added at some point. Presently as seen, is factory white. As of 930+, the per-pixel-lighting makes the acf body gleam and shine the same as an obj body. Depending on how things go. I still may tinker with the obj body version, or acf-to-obj conversion and do some things.. but the shape is so clean, the textures baked nicely, and the PPL (per pixel lighting) makes it shine and look just like obj surface.. i'm perfectly content with it's appearance.

Windows are solid. they are graphically tinted black with gloss reflections. there is no 3d interior at all, so windows are solid. If you have the cockpit interior from your v8 version, you can drop it in if you want.. but this L25C_9X here and now is without 3d interior at all, again "well see how it goes" as to whether it paves its own way forward into new material and continuation. Just as with the B430.. the price reflects what it "has" now on a 1:1 basis. w/o 3d interior is w/o the $ associated with that faculty

Panel is x1900 I think.. widescreen 2D panel including co-pilot side.

Flight model tuned as recently as 931, 10/6/09. It's sorta futile for me to keep attending the flight model while it's not in circulation.. so.. since i'm going to continue to attend the flight model for the purists who use it.. might as well put it back in circulation.

Dealer Manifest LEAR 25C 9X, as of 10/7/09
$5 / acf
$5 / 2d panel & instruments
$0 / 3d cockpit (absent)
$0 / 3d exterior (absent)
$0 / additional content (liveries)(absent)
$10 (ACF & 2D Panel) LJ25 9X

Once bought into the model, if more content is added later, bonus for you. If no other content is added later, its' 1:1, $5/by what it 'does' have. Straight up. I think many people who continued to buy into and support the aging B430 acf and aged interior got intensely surprised when they bought for $15 (5/5/5) and ended up with a glorious 3D obj, new interior, multi livery.. B430 now priced at (5/5/5/5/5) when all the previous 0's turned into 5's when those checkboxes were checked. But, even w/o those line items.. 1:1. 5/5, acf/2d, a $10 top-fidelity flight model, data, and instruments, airplane for purists who revere the Lear 25, want the experience of flying it. Anyway. the 'yey's have it. There it is. be it an entry model to checkout mah claims of flight model fidelity, instruments or how far I can push the look of a still acf bodied plane.. It's current, it's supported for use in 931+ (never in betas as usual) and it's available.



Re: Learjet 25C Revolution

PostPosted: 08 Jan 2010 12:30




Paint done as 2048. All feature portions redone from paths, strokes & fills to make crisp lines at the new resolution.
I'm still content with the acf body, with the high-res paint, and renderbaked effects. Still feels like a grand waste to spend +6-8 months redoing what is already done, and then have to charge appropriately ≥30$ for it, in ridiculously small quantities. I'm good with the acf body and 2048 paint for now, or should say, 'continue to be'. ACF is not evil, just different, and poses some challenges for ways to further improve efficiency and effectiveness of design style, artwork, and sophistication. If only normal maps would apply to acf.. that would be the best of all worlds. I might find a way to sneak some 3d tire/rim separates on there, or augment with a few obj pieces.. but there still is a lot of potential here. Given the amount of time everything takes to do with the exponential level of time and labor required to produce xyz faculty.. smarter not harder is imperative.

I'm staring at the blend file for the LJ25 cockpit area. My hope is to also, efficiently, swiftly, and sophisticatedly, leap from none to done by using some key techniques, so that that CR11 landing could have shown the cockpit like the LFX video did. We'll see, but the LJ cockpit is a paradox unto itself. I have to say, it is *smaller* and more panel restrictive than even the LFX/LJX. so.. we'll see.

Until then. feel free to post any pictures of paints on Lear 23-28, or select newer or other styles you might want to see on LJ25. Keep in mind, that there are some 'skew regions' from the acf style unwrap that prevent straight lines through the nose or tail. so.. some things are possible, some aren't. Most that I recall seeing are usually white with some puny little pinstripes.

Re: Learjet 25C Revolution

PostPosted: 08 Jan 2010 12:52
:idea: On a side note, and I may delete this post if I want.

I'm really considering modernizing the LJ25 panel, possibly with the GX000 from CCM510, PJIX & XSKG. I know there would be =many= old Lear pilot purists that would really hate it and want the dials back. Another option is the G300 style from VXL as the PFD and retain the engine rack, and some standbys. The aged looking artificial horizon may give way to a default black/white all attitude one. the aged looking vari'speed combo asi & mach dial may give way to something else. I like *flying* the LJ25.. but it is properly and amply heavy workload panel that it does, curbs much casual flying in it. I don't trust much of what AM has done to the electrical system, where now the amps gauges just peg their upper or lower limits and that's going to be a bit of a nuisance to get in and re-sort-out. I know the Mu-2B-40 turned EVO had a very pale reception, and every other person asked for the old -40 back. The key being.. = I = have to like the model, and enjoy using it, in order for it to have much of a future. Things that fall outside my preference range, or enjoyment range.. fall behind cause I just don't love em the way other people may.. These planes, I have to be the one to commit and sacrifice for, first, and ongoingly.. and I think you can see how things like the LJ25, and BX430 have a soft spot in my heart to just stay ahead of the executioner axe.. it's just by a hair. The initial appeal of the LJ25 faded, things that get done early, look aged sooner. I have all the docs and materials for the 25, though I think I would rather, personaly, have done the 23 or 24. For that, I did my own LJX which i'm very content with.. the LJ25 can remain the real Lear in the stable, as the sweet spot in between. One thing I noticed that I don't like about it, versus the original 23 design.. was the constant slowing of it's Vne over different versions. The initial 23 is a space ship, almost literally.. Anyway.. back to the 25. and 3D (cockpit). and panel.. sighs.

I guess we'll see where this project goes...

Re: Learjet 25C Revolution

PostPosted: 20 Feb 2010 13:54

Re: Learjet 25C Revolution

PostPosted: 15 May 2010 12:30
A quick reminder since it came up today. The product detail page for the currently available LJ25 shows the present tense 3D cockpit. Newly redux and continued evolution aircraft are all becoming 3D native view only, there is no longer a flat 2D panel. The two simply don't co-exist, not when the needs of the 3d cockpit, baked textures and all prevail. I have gone to extensive effort to ensure that the 2d3d, 3D native "W" view is as seamless, natural, ergonomic, as possible.. it is as useful as the 2d panel was, but this is just the evolution of things... this same thread has spoken about the '3d cockpit'. moving forward... 2d becomes antiquity as things evolve to 3d only. The balancing point is to preserve the virtues of the 2d panel system, while providing for the popular and more dynamic 3d view.

Here's the rendering shots of the 3D cockpit, which when viewed from the W pilot forward viewpoint, is 3d only view, locked and free 3d view.


Re: Learjet 25C Revolution

PostPosted: 28 Jun 2011 13:15


LEARJET ; LJ25, update.

white livery reproduced as 2048 high rez for fine detail lines, fine feature edges and more recent bake overlay layers. the windows, and door lines are pretty awesome, I think. this also puts the higher resolution fine lines and gradients on the control line sections of wing, hstab & vstab. fine line fuselage segmenting, and engine cowl detailing. I like it and am glad to have my sharp white Lear back.

Interior update, ray length shortened, max rays, max light.
Normals redone with a finer grain setting.
I'll have a peek at the panel render overlay, and see what it has for night lighting.

the LJ25 is just such a nice fly. takes really thinking ahead to shunt power to ≤70% after takeoff to keep within airspace speed limits.

I've given the paint source to two people.... and waiting to see what they come up with. :geek: