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SOS gets BATD & AATD w/ BX206B3

PostPosted: 13 Nov 2009 12:06
* Very early version of the panel display in the videos, without hardware overlay or shroud.



Hi All,

I’ll get all the details to everyone later, but the news is that Simulators On Site is now a CERTIFIED Flight simulator manufacturer and the simulator has been Certified as BOTH a BATD (Basic Aircraft Training Device) AND AATD (Advanced Aircraft Training Device). I should have all the “paper work” in hand in the next few days! The only requirement for the “Fixed wing” version only requires a “modified QAG” and a short inspection from the LOCAL FAA and the Washington D.C. Office does NOT have to come back for any approval!

More information later.
Thanks for all the prayer and support!


I'll be so bold as to cite from some earlier messages about FAA review of SOS that makes the newer news even that much more profound.

I have gotten closer to getting Ver. 9.0 or above (9.22) approved than anyone else, he stated that there are NO approved simulators using anything above 8.64.

While I, of course, am disappointed in not having the certificate on the first visit, I was informed the because of the quality of the overall workmanship, attention to detail and not trying to “explain away” any problems etc. We would not require another visit from “Washington” for the approval. This is a great accomplishment as most companies require EVERY visit to be from Lance as they keep trying to “get away” with all they can and Lance also pointed that this is the first time he has had the pleasure of working with an engineer who is also a pilot and an instructor knowing that I understand both the flight model and the engineering required to get there without compromising the integrity of the flight model. He then also committed to allowing me to submit an amended document to him for future changes including software and even building a fixed wing and Lance would only require the local FSDO to look it over for approval. Everyone else (the competition) all are required to have Lance on site to be sure they have covered all the bases. This is a real accomplishment, as getting Lance to get here has taken almost 5 months, given his busy schedule.

Result, our close friend Steve Nelson, of Simulators On Site, with a ~270 degree FOV front projection using his own patented technologies, with our BX206B3, now has the =only= X-Plane 9, Certified, BATD (Basic Aicraft Training Device) & AATD (Advanced Aircraft Training Device).

I think it is interesting that
we have had several Bell test pilots and military pilots say that my
simulator is more accurate than the one that Bell has in Texas. I now have
about 3 hours flying a real Bell 206 and after one flight, I was able to get
to my simulator and fly it in less than an hour after being in the real one,
it is about as perfect a match as I can imagine. Yesterday we demoed it to a
defense contractor in PA and they brought in two Army pilots to do the
evaluation, they agreed that it was more accurate than anything they have
used before and much better than the simulators that the Army now has at the
base they are assigned to. Both pilots have about 1500 to 2000 hours each
and are now flying Apache's, but started in the OH58 (Bell 206). I now have
the simulator located in one of the larger hangers at Akron Fulton (KAKR)
with two of the "Med flight" helicopters based there, all of their flight
crews want to fly the simulator as often as possible and finally my neighbor
is a CFII rotary and is working on his ATP, he has been using my sim for the
last two months for all the IFR approaches and has not found anything that
can replace the simulator especially when it costs him about $800.00/hr in a
real 206.

The BX206B3, the model is the same, the flight model is the same, the instrumentation is the same.. His is formatted for use in the fullsize simulator with full screen panel and oversized instruments, the one here is formatted for general consumer consumption use 2d panel and 3d niceties. But the same 206 I have here is the one that two or more years of Heli-Expo visitors have remarked to be the best simulator of a 206 ever seen. Instructors, career pilots, Bell factory pilots. and over and over again reports from even career uuber thousand hour Army heli pilots with time in type OH58 reporting.. also.. our 206 is the most realistic, flight right, simulator they've ever run.. even over Bell's own, or the Army's own simulators. And what this also means, as i've eluded to before. as the same method makes one that makes them all.. accolades like this for the 206 extend equally to everything else made with the same methods. So..

Our highest congratulations to Steve for this monumental accomplishment of those certifications, for achieving a solution that even adding on fixed wing credential will be a snap, for doing so on his own, without accepting inferior off the shelf options to seek achieving his goals. It has been years in the making, but i'm entirely confident that Steve's SOS 206 simulator.. will serve to train people fantastically, and serve to save some lives in the process.



PostPosted: 26 Feb 2010 15:45

Steve Nelson wrote:Hi All,

It looks like areo-news has read the press release that we put out in January and has put in a “plug” for us. This is a widely read aircraft news service that most in the aircraft industry read on a daily basis.


Steve ... 6fcd10cf#d wrote:Simulators On Site Receives FAA Certification
Tue, 26 Jan '10
Portable, Fully-Immersive Sim Contained In A 20-Foot Cargo Trailer
Simulators On Site (S.O.S) received full FAA certification AATD and BATD for generic helicopter simulator system in November, according to company owner and president Steve Nelson. The system is an immersive technology with a separate instructor station that is built in to an 18-20 foot cargo trailer. The first simulated cockpit environment is that of a Bell 206/407 Jet Ranger.

S.O.S. has patented what is known as a Surround Screen Simulator, which directly projects images onto a screen measuring 220 X 85 degrees. This system, which can also be replicated in a stationary office environment, was designed by and built by engineers who are pilots. Nelson, himself a flight instructor and FAA licensed engineer, says the simulator immerses the pilot in the environment. He says the pilot doesn't look into a single or multi flat screen CRT.
When asked by FAA inspector Lance Knuckles, "Why did you start with a helicopter?" Nelson said, "It was the hardest one to do and I figured if I do the hardest first the rest will be easy".
The S.O.S simulator uses a Garmin GPS unit. All cockpits will be designed to precisely replicate the simulated aircraft. The system allows multiple simulators to be networked, both locally and over the internet. Because of S.O.S.'s patented optical system, pilots can train on slope landings, tail in hover, nose in hover, and use of real night vision goggles. Nelson says because of the patented imaging of this simulator there is no distortion and no hot spots. It also eliminates 'stair-stepping' of the horizon, even with rapid maneuvers. Along with this immersive technology comes patented data feedback with vibrations and sound.

The instructors station is comprised of 6 separate screens to monitor all phases of pilot training. Three represent "out the window" views, one is the instructors screen with mapping and instructor controls, one for viewing the trainee, and one to duplicate instrument panel inside the aircraft.
FAA certification was performed on X-PLANE platform Version 8.64 and above. S.O.S. offers sales as well as lease options, rentals, and says it will consider mobile scheduling of their portable units.

Re: SOS gets BATD & AATD w/ BX206B3

PostPosted: 29 Sep 2011 11:54
WOW, I just found this on the SOS website, the actual written testimonial. Remember, this testimonial applies to the BX206 model here.

THIS is why I keep my BX206 up and current in spite of prettier models elsewhere stealing peoples attention. ALSO, this testimonial about flight model fidelity and authenticity, = applies to every helicopter I have, and every aircraft I have = because the methods that make them are the same. NO one else in the X-Plane 'community' has such blanket endorsement and validation. # = #, data is factual and verifiable. never "tweaking" or chasing feel, just the facts Ma'am. Those facts, directly applied, are what makes for the below testimonial, and makes for my whole portfolio of undisputed flight model accuracy.

February 25, 2010

Subject: Simulators On Site

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a former military helicopter pilot with combat flying experience and instructor pilot rating, and I am also fixed-wing rated for 25 years. I have flown several different aircraft types as well as their simulators, and I can say with conviction, that this simulator, developed and configured by Steve Nelson, currently as a Bell 206 JetRanger, beats current generation simulators in service.

Not only does it exceed the standard, but also, it raises the bar in reliability, serviceability and proficiency training. Battle-focused training, inclement weather flying as well as training to match your region of the world, including night-vision scenarios, take this top-notch training instrument to new heights. If that is not enough, try linking-up for real-time joint operations flight training and tactics.

Steve Nelson is a pilot and flight instructor who also happens to be an engineer; he designed this remarkable machine from the pilot’s standpoint—achieving the exact flight characteristics of the JetRanger and the precise control feel of the actual aircraft. Combining spectacular wrap-around graphics with exacting control feel, all methods of proper flying habits, including scanning and picking-up visual cues, can be properly applied to gain useful training crossover from the actual aircraft. The comparison of flying this simulator to flying the real aircraft are seamless. Most importantly, this simulator can be hovered; this is not easily accomplished, if at all, in current generation simulators in service.

In short, the training value is immense and relevant. Duplicating the precise handling characteristics allow pilots to gain the experience of the actual aircraft while sharply reducing cost, mitigating risk, increasing training efficiency with more iterations, and also honing proficiency especially for emergency procedures or mission scenarios. Steve Nelson has hit a home run with this design. It can be readily brought to you and instantly build proficiency in your pilot ranks. This simulator is a serious tool with which he has applied true ingenuity—from a pilot who understands what a pilot really needs in order to effectively, and thereby safely, fly his or her aircraft.

Louis A. Park

source :

"So Realistic, You'll be afraid to get out unless you land first!"

Re: SOS gets BATD & AATD w/ BX206B3

PostPosted: 12 Mar 2012 14:16
On Mar 11, 2012, at 6:31 AM, Dave Ruth wrote: wrote:I know this is the wrong place to send this, but I just wanted to say that the BX 206 is fantastic. I fly an OH 58 at work and this is the best 206 flight model I have seen. Thanks for the great work!
Dave Ruth

Re: SOS gets BATD & AATD w/ BX206B3

PostPosted: 31 Jan 2013 17:10
I talked to Steve Nelson of SOS & Sierra Aviation yesterday. On the subject of the BX206 model and in his full size simulator. He told me that Chinese government officials, essentially the Chinese FAA, the "CAA" while visiting the Sierra Aviation facility looking at the fixed wing full size simulator (which uses my PA-44-180 model) also looked at his full size 206 simulator. They were so impressed with his full size simulator build and it's effectiveness, matched with the data-perfect 206 and it's flight model quality, that the phrase is "consider it CAA approved right now." The same applying to the PA-44-180 simulator as well which the Sierra/SimulatorsOnSite full size simulator is enroute to the Chinese management college as we speak.

So the update news being that my BX 206B3 model continues to stand the vetting and trials of the most extreme measure.

The BX 206B3, has US FAA approval, and Chinese CAA approval, as well as the endless stream of time-in-type pilots and their statements.

It's easy to see how the string of these pilot and official endorsements indicate the flight model quality of the 206, and validate my build methods as they apply to every other aircraft I produce, and the sound data fidelity extended to even my custom designs and their viability. You the consumer, have the absolute sound knowledge that every aircraft here shares in the same build methodology and absolute adherence to data only, without subjectivity, such that it can easily be inferred that every aircraft here is of equal pilot and official approved caliber. from the most basic, to the most advanced, helicopters to jets, any of the aircraft here have the same build quality grade and flight model fidelity that their reputations speak for themselves. All this, only adding to the accolade list which includes Cessna, Cirrus, Bell, Agusta, Beechcraft/Raytheon, Velocity and DARPA all extending their approval and recognition of my data and flight model fidelity.

I will toot my own horn on this one. my flight model fidelity is un-paralleled.
regardless of what any others may suggest relative to such subjective things as 'feel' or 'perception'. my trophy shelf is full of meaningful accolades.

Re: SOS gets BATD & AATD w/ BX206B3

PostPosted: 04 May 2014 13:25
On May 2, 2014, at 2:28 PM, <dave> wrote:

i'm a retired Army Cobra pilot, flew scouts too.


On May 4, 2014, at 10:51 AM, <dave> wrote:

oh, and the Bell 206, what a kick in the pants it was to fly ~

i didn't mess around with dials or anything, but it was good to see that i could takeoff, land, hover and hover taxi! ok, i crashed once!! :-)

it was funtastic.

much appreciated.