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Re: Screenshots WALL : Tack up your pictures!

Postby kiofka » 20 Nov 2017 10:57

Even after the infamous Rockstar Audit program, I'm still financially comfortable in GTA V online. ($290 million) Rockstar took $6.1 million of what must have been modded money thrown on me. Been picking up some of the new vehicle releases and trying to stay away from the ones I have no use for. Awaiting the Hunter helicopter release. I think it's tomorrow. The two best ways I've found, so far, to earn money is the bunker weapons trade and the vehicle import export with focus on High end cars only. Also been Playing the Pacific Standard Finale over and over... Shakin' the money tree. Upgraded my graphics card to a GTX 1080 so I'm lovin' the game even more now. Also, the modders seem to be back in FORCE so it can be difficult to get things done without creating your own public lobby without other players. That battle never ends...
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Re: Screenshots WALL : Tack up your pictures!

Postby AADX » 20 Nov 2017 16:02

I agree bunker and car exports and bank jobs. I love the idea of aircraft smuggling but it doesn’t pay unless you have full team. And even though then the team doesn’t get good pay. I just stay active and work consistently. I also don’t buy things when they come out. I wait. Deciding if I really want it later.
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