Premium Piper Aircraft
2004 Piper Meridian. The turboprop flagship of the Piper aicraft fleet.
2004 Piper Malibu Mirage. 350 turbocharged horsepower and pressurized personal or executive aircraft.
1984 Piper Malibu TSIO-550-C N13PC.
2004 Piper Saratoga TC. The 300 turbocharged horsepower SUV of the fleet, with best in class cargo capacity and performance.
2004 Piper Archer III. The ultimate in personal and privage luxury and performance.
2004 Piper Arrow III. 200hp Sport Retract, or Commercial/Complex Trainer.
2004 Piper Warrior III. Entry level basic trainer, sturdy and reliable performer
2004 Piper Warrior III. Entry level basic trainer, sturdy and reliable performer
1969 Piper Arrow I. The arrow that started it all, 200hp retractable private or commercial performer.
2004 Piper Seneca V. Flagship Twin in the Piper fleet, 220 turbocharged horsepower EACH engine, for intense performance.
2004 Piper Seminole. The most robust twin engine trainer on the market.
Posted 13 July 2011
+1 on Chandler's Pipers. I haven't tried some of the more modern, high-end payware aircraft, but based on everything I've read, the handling of Chandler's planes are second to none. At the end of the day, what could possibly be more important than that?

I used his Piper Warrior for several hundred hours to become a r/w instrument-rated pilot. I also used the Saratoga to increase my workload, so that when I flew a 172 in the real world, things would be that much easier. As it turned out, I eventually stepped into a very high performance aircraft (faster than the Saratoga, in fact), so I'm very grateful that I spent the time in his higher end airplanes, too.

There is absolutely no way that I would have reached my current level of proficiency were it not for his aircraft.

PilotEdge - Real ATC for the virtual environment

"Just tried four of your Pipers in 8.15. Absolutely magnificent. In addition to having the most accurate instrument panels in X-Planedom, your birds look great when I kick back to the chase plane view... And fly around them. They really do fly like airplanes and are a bargain cost-wise. Another home run, Jason, or rather ten of them. If Your 10 Piper 815 birds were enemy aircraft, you'd be a double ace. Hell, you are, anyway. Congrats on another great effort".
- Paul E. Galanti :: CDR, USN (Ret.) Tailhook Aviator

Jason's piper-suite is a great collection... it contains a good handful of planes, and each has a nice, clean custom panel and paint, with plenty of detail in the cockpit! this is the way i would make planes myself if i wasn't so busy doing the code side".
(Laminar Research)
2017 PIPERS_1100

I am extremely honored to announce the 1100 Piper Collection.

Each aircraft is a beautiful likeness of the model for which it is created. Premium instrument panels and instrumentation, are in the format and orientation best suited & tailored to each plane.

From the PiperJet and Flagship 20th Anniversary Malibu line to the trainer Warrior & Seminole models, you will find a parade of high-quality instrumentation, and meticulous attention to detail. Features include many models which have Glass and Analog panel layouts. All aircraft feature panel format so you can rearrange or change the panel as you like. Absolute flight model quality second to none.

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Your payment for this collection of aircraft sponsors the current version release, investment of time, resources, feature implementation and compatiblity solutions.

is positively unbeatable and represents incredible value for this complete aircraft set. + Includes prior versions.
PIPERS_1100 : $15.00

For/Requires :
X-Plane 11.01+



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